Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday Morning Prayer

O almighty, merciful God, gracious Father in heaven, since Thou hast
again kept me safe this night by Thy ministering spirits, the holy
angels, and permitted me to see this new day refreshed and in the
enjoyment of health, I most heartily give Thee praise, honor and eternal
thanks therefore, and pray Thee again, dear heavenly Father, to whose
will I subject all that I do and leave undone, my beginning and end, that
Thou wouldst henceforth graciously have mercy upon me, and govern all my
thoughts and aspirations, my heart, sense, mind and thoughts, all my
words and deeds by Thy Holy Spirit, so that I may understand what is good
or evil, and that I may this day so walk and live in this evil and
perverse world, that I above all things, free from my sins, may have a
heartfelt desire for that eternal home which Christ, my Saviour,
purchased and secured for me, and may not lose it by reason of my wicked,
sinful life. To this end wilt Thou graciously help me with Thy divine
love and the power of Thy Holy Spirit, for the sake of Thy dear Son,
Jesus Christ. Amen.

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