Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Act of Love

O DIVINE Redeemer, how strong was the force of Thy love, that, being
about to depart from this world to Thy eternal Father, Thou didst
provide for us this divine banquet, enriched with all heavenly
sweetness! It was through an excess of Thy love that Thou hast left us
Thy body and blood for the food and nourishment of our souls; that, as
Thou didst unite Thyself to our humanity, so we might be partakers of
Thy divinity. I desire to love Thee, my Jesus, who art my only comfort
in this place of banishment, the only hope of my infirm soul, my
happiness above all I can enjoy in this life. I love Thee, my God, with
my whole heart, with my whole soul, and with all my mind and strength. I
wish that, as every moment is an increase of my life, so it may also be
of my love toward Thee. I desire, with all the affections and powers of
my soul, that, as the inmost thanks are due to Thee, so they may be
returned to Thee by all the faithful, for this divine food, which is our
refreshment, support, strength, armor, and defense in all our miseries;
and that my love may never cease, inflame my heart with the fire of
heaven, that it may continue burning till, nature and corruption being
consumed, I may at length be transformed into Thee. Come, O Lord, hasten
to release me from the bonds of sin, and prepare me for the blessing
Thou art now about to bestow on me.

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