Monday, January 16, 2012

An Act of Hope

IN THEE, sweet Jesus, I place all my hope, because Thou alone art my
salvation, my strength, my refuge, and the foundation of all my
happiness. Were it not for the confidence I place in Thy merits, and in
the precious blood Thou didst shed for my redemption, I would not
presume to partake of this banquet. Encouraged, therefore, by Thy
goodness, I come to Thee as one sick to his physician, as a condemned
criminal to his powerful intercessor. Heal me as my physician, and as my
powerful advocate deliver me from the sentence of sin and death. It is
in Thy mercy that I put all my trust. Have pity, therefore, O Jesus, on
me, and save me, for Thou forsakest none that place their hope in Thee.

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