Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Act of Desire

MY LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ! "As the heart panteth after the
fountains of waters so my soul panteth after Thee, O God!" (_Ps._ xlii.
1). Tired with my own evil ways, I now return to Thee, to taste Thy
banquet, that my soul may be refreshed. I henceforth despise all human
consolations, that I may be comforted by Thee, my only good, my God and
Saviour, whom I love above all things and desire to entertain within my
heart with as much devotion and affection as is conceived by Thy chosen
servants, who now sit at Thy table in celestial bliss. And however I may
have been wanting hitherto in my duty, I now for ever renounce my folly
and weakness, and from my heart request that for the future my joy, my
relief, my treasure, and rest may be entirely centered in Thee. May I
never desire anything besides Thee, and may all things seem contemptible
and as nothing without Thee, O my God!

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