Thursday, January 19, 2012

An Act of Fear

O MY God and Saviour, it is with fear and trembling that I approach Thy
banquet, having nothing to confide in but Thy goodness and mercy, being
of myself a sinner, destitute of all virtue. My soul and body are
defiled with many crimes, my thoughts and tongue have been under no
restraint. I have frequently resolved to amend, and yet where do I
remain but in the midst of sin and vice? How little pains do I take to
recover from this misery and return to Thee, to whom I have repeatedly
promised to be faithful! These thoughts cause me to fear that what Thou
hast mercifully ordained for my salvation, I should now receive to my
judgment and condemnation. In this wretched condition I hasten to Thee;
to Thee I expose all my wounds, to Thee I disclose my depravity. Look,
therefore, on me with the eyes of compassion, and have mercy on me, O
Lord and Saviour!

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