Friday, January 20, 2012

An Act of Humility

O IMMENSE, almighty, and incomprehensible God, who am I, that Thou
shouldst vouchsafe to come to be my food, and to take Thy habitation
within my soul? The consideration of Thy greatness and my unworthiness
penetrates me with awe and confusion. With the utmost sincerity I can
only declare the extent of my misery, and admire that infinite goodness
which induces Thee to visit personally the lowest and basest of Thy
creatures. Receive, then, Thy unworthy servant into the compassionate
arms of Thy mercy. Cast all my sins out of Thy sight, and with the
tenderness of a loving father extend Thy arms to receive me; and let me
effectually experience the truth of Thy prophet's words: "A sacrifice to
God is an afflicted spirit; a contrite and humble heart, O God, Thou
wilt not despise" (_Ps._ l. 19).

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