Tuesday, January 24, 2012

An Act of Thanksgiving

O JESUS, my God and Saviour! I return Thee thanks for having, out of Thy
pure mercy, without any desert of mine, been pleased to feed my soul
with Thine own most sacred body and blood. Suffer me sooner to be
forgetful of myself than to be ever unmindful of this great favor.
Although I have hitherto been ungrateful, with the help of Thy grace I
shall be so no more. But what return can I make Thee, being of myself
insolvent, indigent, and miserable? The sacrifice of all that I am or
have is not worthy to be presented to Thee; but, behold I offer Thee
Thyself, and consider all my debts as abundantly discharged. May Thy
infinite mercy be for ever exalted for having given me such an excellent
means of repaying Thee to the full. O that I could ever remember Thee,
think of Thee, ever love Thee alone! Imprint the memory of what Thou
didst for me so deeply in my heart, that I spend my whole life in
thanking Thee for all Thy benefits, but especially for this banquet of
Thy love. Amen.

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