Wednesday, January 25, 2012

An Act of Adoration

UNDER the sacred veil of Thy eucharistic presence, where Thy love of man
conceals the splendor of Thy majesty, I most humbly adore Thee, O
almighty God! The grandeur of the heavens is as nothing in Thy sight;
they shall perish, but Thou shalt remain for ever. The earth Thou hast
poised in Thy hand. The ocean is before Thee but as a drop of water. All
nature bows and trembles in Thy presence. How, then, shall I extol Thee,
immortal King of glory? What homage can I give in proportion to Thy
greatness? Thou art the perfect image of Thy Father's substance. Thou
art the splendor of His glory. Thou art His almighty Word, supporting
all things. Thee He has seated at His right hand. Thy throne, O God, is
for ever and ever; a scepter of justice is the scepter of Thy reign. I
bow before Thy sacred Majesty. I acknowledge with the sincerest
gratitude that Thou art my redeemer, my creator, the supreme arbiter of
my eternal destiny. I desire to humble myself as profoundly for Thy sake
as Thou art humbled for my love in the center of my soul, and to
consecrate to the glory of Thy name the whole extent of my being. Amen.

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