Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity

MY LORD and God! I most firmly believe all that Thou hast revealed and
all that Thy holy Church believes and teaches, because Thou, who art
infallible Truth, hast so revealed and commanded.

My Lord and God! Because Thou art almighty, infinitely good and
merciful, I hope that by the merits of the passion and death of Jesus
Christ, our Saviour, Thou wilt grant me eternal life, which Thou hast
promised to all who shall do the works of a good Christian, as I purpose
to do by Thy help.

My Lord and God! Because Thou art the highest and most perfect good, I
love Thee with my whole heart, and above all things; and rather than
offend Thee, I am ready to lose all things else; and for Thy love, I
love and desire to love my neighbor as myself.

Indulgence. (1) A plenary indulgence, once a month, for devoutly making
these acts daily; under the usual conditions. (2) A plenary indulgence
at the hour of death, under the same conditions. (3) Seven years and
seven quarantines, every time. (Benedict XIV, January 28, 1728.) The
same Pope declared that it is not necessary to use any set formula, but
that any form of words may be used, provided it expresses the particular
motive of each of the three theological virtues.

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