Friday, January 30, 2009

Prayer of Pardon to Jesus Crucified

O my crucified Lord Jesus, I kneel at your feet. Do not cast me out, although I come to you as a sinner.

I have offended you much in the past, but I resolve to no longer do so in the future.

O my God, I place all my sins before you; I have considered them and know they do not deserve pardon.

But I beg you to be mindful of your sufferings which show the value of the Precious Blood that flows from your veins.

Close your eyes to my lack of merit and open them to the abundance of your infinite merit.

As you deigned to die for my sins, graciously grant me forgiveness of all of them, so that I may no longer feel their burden which oppresses me beyond measure.

Help me, dear Lord, for I desire to become good at any cost.

Uproot, take away, and destroy in me everythning that is contrary to your will.

Enlighten me that I may be enabled to walk in your holy light all the days of my life.


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