Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blessing Of Wine

Let us pray.

Holy Lord, Father Almighty, eternal God! You willed that Your Son, equal to You in agelessness and substance should descend from heaven and in the fullness of time be born of the most holy Virgin Mary.

Thus He could seek the lost and wayward sheep and carry it on His shoulders to the sheepfold, and could cure the man fallen among robbers of his wounds by pouring in oil and wine.

Deign now to bless and sanctify this wine which You produced for man's drink.

Whoever drinks of it on this holy feast, grant him life in body and soul.

By Your goodness, let it be to him strength to prosper him on the way, that his journey may come to a blessed end.

Through the same Christ our Lord.

All: Amen.


david said...

this is a nice prayer, can we add this prayer to thank you and god bless you.

Joel Protusada said...

Yes, you can David.

Gob bless you too!