Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Prayer of Hope and Redemption

Heavenly Father, you are a merciful God! You know what is in my heart and I call for you for help. Have mercy on your servant and help me gain redemption from this wretchedness. Yours is an UNFAILING LOVE.

My hope and strength leaves me as men continue to criticize and degrade my character. They have defiled my name and I have become an object of their contempt. Many have hurt me and misunderstood my words and actions but you O Lord, can comprehend the truest and deepest desires of my heart. I was disgraced and my shame has dampened my spirits. I have walked with too much burden and kept my eyes on the ground and have tried to avoid others. It has become difficult to trust anyone. I was afraid to be treated the same way again and again that I have withdrawn from others who offer of sympathy and friendship and turned to you to be safe.

Come to my rescue O Father so that I may not give up and be inspired to continue to do your will in my life. Dearest God and Father, I am truly confused and downhearted. Have I sinned so great that they have done this to me? Purify my heart and make me understand why these things are happening. Take away my pride and humble me so that I will be able to see other people’s perspective. Teach me your ways O Lord and correct me with your loving kindness. Open my heart to opportunities to be changed and to be an instrument for the change you want to happen. Use me mightily and let your hope burn inside my heart so that I will be able to carry on and be more sensitive to other people’s needs more than my own. For my hope is in you O Lord and I will praise your name forever. You are my God and your faithfulness is forever before me. I know that despite all these, you will continue to keep me safe and protect me from the plans of my enemies. You have kept me in the past and you are still doing so now. Thank you for reminding me that Your faithfulness is great! In Jesus’ mighty name.


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