Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wach auf, mein Herz, und singe

    Awake, my heart, rejoicing,
    Thy Maker's praises voicing,--
    The Giver, good gifts sending;
    Their Shield, His folk defending.

    All night while darkness 'bound me
    In deepest gloom around me,
    By Satan craved while sleeping
    God had me in His keeping.

    Thou spak'st me words endearing;
    Sleep now, my child, unfearing;
    Sleep well, night's terrors spurning;
    Thou'lt see the sun returning.

    Thy word performed, now waking,
    I see the bright dawn breaking,
    Safe kept from ills unnumbered
    While 'neath Thy care I slumbered.

    An off'ring Thou desirest.
    Behold what Thou requirest.
    Nor lamb nor incense bringing,
    I come with prayer and singing.

    Nor wilt Thou now despise them,
    But in Thy heart wilt prize them,
    Well knowing, yea, and surely
    My best I offer purely.

    Approve my works when shown Thee.
    Help Thou good councils only;
    Beginning, middle, closing,
    Lord, for the best disposing.

    With blessings guard me waking,
    My heart Thy dwelling making,
    And with Thy Word, Lord, feed me
    Whilst heavenward Thou dost lead me.

                                                    Paul Gerhardt, 1648.
                                                    Tr. A. Ramsey, 1916.

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