Friday, February 24, 2012

Die helle Sonn leucht jetzt herfuer

    The morning sun shines in the skies,
    And we from peaceful slumbers rise.
    All praise to God who hath this night
    Protected us from Satan's might.

    Lord Jesus, shield us now by day
    From sin and error on our way.
    To us Thy holy angels send,
    And let them to our wants attend.

    Make Thou our hearts obedient,
    To use Thy word and sacrament,
    To do Thy will whate'er betide,
    Thus pleasing Thee, our trusty guide.

    Bless Thou the labor of our hands
    And help us keep Thy law's demands,
    That all our work, begun in Thee,
    May to Thy praise and glory be.

                                                 Nicolaus Hermann, 1560.
                                                 Tr. H. Brueckner, 1918.

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