Monday, January 9, 2012

Prayers for Confession

Before Confession

MERCIFUL God! I give infinite thanks to Thee for the many and great
graces Thou hast bestowed upon me during my whole life. Would that I had
never been ungrateful to Thee, that I never had offended Thee. But I
have sinned exceedingly and often, and have done so again since my last
confession. Therefore I come to Thee, imploring Thee in profoundest
humility to give me Thy light and Thy grace, that I may know and
acknowledge all my sins, faults, and transgressions, be truly sorry for
them, sincerely confess them, do penance, and amend my life; for Thy
greater glory and for the salvation of my soul.

Examine your conscience.

SUPREME God and Lord! A poor sinner, I cast myself at the throne of Thy
divine Majesty, and contritely confess that I have sinned in thought,
word, and deed, and through the omission of my duties. I am heartily
sorry that I was ungrateful to Thee and have deserved to be punished in
this life and in the life to come. Above all I am sorry because by my
sins I have offended Thee, my supreme and infinite God, who art worthy
to be loved and honored above all else for Thy supreme goodness and
mercy. I detest and abhor my sins above all other evils, and wish I had
never committed them. Humbly I implore Thy pardon, and confidently hope
to obtain it through the merits of the blood of Jesus Christ shed for us
poor sinners, and through those of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of the Holy
Helpers, and of all the saints.

I firmly purpose to amend my life, to avoid all occasions of sin, to use
the means for conquering my passions, and to practise virtue by ordering
my life according to Thy divine will and pleasure, and rather to die
than to offend Thee again, my God and Lord. I am now ready to make
reparation to Thy divine Justice for all the offenses of which I have
been guilty against Thee, as far as is in my power. Therefore I will
confess my sins sincerely, contritely, fully, and perform the penance
imposed upon me.

Before entering the confessional.

The Lord be in my heart and on my lips that I may worthily and
competently confess my sins.

After Confession

O GOD of infinite mercy! I give Thee due thanks, and praise Thee for
having admitted me to the confession of my sins and for having, through
Thy minister, granted me absolution for them. I implore Thee by the
merits of Jesus Christ, Thy Son, of Mary, His most blessed Mother, of
the Holy Helpers, and of all the saints, to accept my confession, and in
Thy infinite mercy to condone and amend all the defects and faults I
committed in making it, and to ratify in heaven the absolution I
received on earth.

O my Jesus! How blind I was in not knowing Thee and preferring
transitory beauty and earthly attractions to Thy grace and love, and
thereby offending Thee! Now I acknowledge my fault, and am convinced
that it is my duty and privilege to love Thee above all things. Too late
I have learned it, but I shall zealously strive to make reparation for
my past neglect. Therefore I renounce the pleasures, vanities, and joys
of this deceitful world, and abhor sin and all that leads to it. In the
future nothing shall ever part me from Thy love. From this moment on I
am resolved nevermore to offend Thee. Confirm, O Jesus, this my
resolution, and with Thy almighty power strengthen my frailty. Seal my
purpose of amendment with the bestowal of Thy grace, and preserve me in
Thy grace and love unto the end. Amen.

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