Friday, January 13, 2012

An Act of Faith

MY LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ! I firmly believe that Thou art really
present in the Blessed Sacrament. I believe it contains Thy body and
blood, Thy soul and divinity. I acknowledge these truths, I believe
these wonders. I adore Thy power which has wrought them; I praise Thy
infinite goodness which has prepared them for me. "I will praise Thee,
my God, with my whole heart, and will recount all Thy admirable works; I
will rejoice in Thee, and bless Thy holy name" (_Ps._ ix. 2, 3). In this
faith, and with this acknowledgment, I presume to approach this adorable
banquet, wherein Thou bestowest on me the divine food of Thy body and
blood to nourish my soul. Grant, O Jesus, that I may approach Thee with
such a sense of reverence and humility as is due to Thy divine Majesty.
Who am I, O God, that Thou shouldst work such wonders for my sake?
Grant, O Lord, that I be not altogether unworthy of them, and that I may
now receive Thee with a pure heart, a clean conscience, and a sincere
and lively faith. Pardon my sins, which have rendered me most unworthy
to approach Thee. I detest them from the bottom of my heart, because
they are displeasing to Thee, my God. I renounce them for ever, and
promise to be faithful to Thee.

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