Saturday, December 17, 2011

Visit to the Blessed Sacrament

(Prayer of St. Alphonsus.)

LORD Jesus Christ, who through the love which Thou bearest to man, dost
remain with them day and night in this sacrament, full of mercy and
love, expecting, inviting, and receiving all who come to visit Thee; I
believe that Thou art present in the Sacrament of the Altar. From the
abyss of my nothingness I adore Thee, and I thank Thee for all the
favors which Thou hast bestowed upon me, particularly for having given
me Thyself in this sacrament, for having given me for my advocate Thy
most holy Mother Mary, and for having called me to visit Thee in this

I this day salute Thy most loving Heart, and I wish to salute it for
three ends: first, in thanksgiving for this great gift; second, in
compensation for all the injuries Thou hast received from Thy enemies in
this sacrament; third, I wish by this visit to adore Thee in all places
in which Thou art least honored and most abandoned in this holy
sacrament. My Jesus, I love Thee with my whole heart. I am sorry for
having hitherto offended Thy infinite goodness. I purpose, with the
assistance of Thy grace, nevermore to offend Thee; and at this moment,
miserable as I am, I consecrate my whole being to Thee. I give Thee my
entire will, all my affections and desires, and all that I have. From
this day forward, do what Thou wilt with me and with whatsoever belongs
to me. I ask and desire only Thy holy love, the gift of final
perseverance, and the perfect accomplishment of Thy will. I recommend to
Thee the souls in purgatory, particularly those who were most devoted to
the Blessed Sacrament and to most holy Mary; and I also recommend to
Thee all poor sinners. Finally, my dear Saviour, I unite all my
affections with the affections of Thy most loving Heart; and thus united
I offer them to Thy eternal Father, and I entreat Him, in Thy name and
for Thy sake, to accept them.

Indulgence. (1) 300 days, every time this prayer is said before the
Blessed Sacrament. (2) A plenary indulgence, once a month, for saying it
every day for a month; under the usual conditions. (Pius IX, Sept. 7,

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