Saturday, December 31, 2011

Prayer on New-Year's Day

O triune God, Thus have we again by Thy grace brought a year of our
wretched life and weary pilgrimage upon earth to a close, and to-day in
Thy name begin another. Lord! how unspeakably great is Thy goodness, how
innumerable are Thy benefits which Thou hast shown unto me and mine in
the past, though on account of our sins we have deserved nothing at Thy
hands but wrath and punishment! Thou hast graciously preserved Thy
precious Word and holy sacraments in Thy holy congregation, peace and
unity in the government, prosperity and blessing in material comforts,
and didst richly bestow for our enjoyment all manner of blessings for
body and soul. Thou with paternal care didst protect Thy church from
false doctrine and persecution on account of the true faith, our land
from hostile invasion and evil contagion, our houses and property from
fire and water, and didst by Thy care faithfully avert from us all dire
calamities. How shall I find words to express the inestimable value of
these blessings? How can I according to my obligations be sufficiently
thankful? Behold, Lord, I offer to Thee, at the close of the old year,
the fruits of my lips, and glorify Thy grace and mercy with all my
strength and powers. My soul must honor Thee, my spirit must praise Thee,
my mouth shall thank Thee, and all that is within me must proclaim Thy
glory. I prostrate myself in heartfelt sorrow before Thy feet and confess
unto Thee with a penitent heart all my sins in which I was conceived and
born, and with which I have offended Thee during the past year, as well
as during the whole of my past life.

Most beloved Father! do not now reckon such past sins to my condemnation,
and do not remember in Thy wrath my past transgressions, but graciously
forgive and forget the same for the sake of the sufferings of Thy dearly
beloved Son. Jesus, my beloved Saviour, be merciful to me, a poor sinner,
blot out like a cloud and mist all my transgressions by Thy merit, cast
them into the sea of Thy innocent blood, that they may never more come to
light or before the judgment of God. O God, Holy Spirit! create within me
the new man, that I may not bring into the new year old sins and
impurities, but to-day begin a new life and partake anew of Thy grace.
Withhold from me, O Triune God! all long and well deserved punishment,
and continue to bless me and mine with all manner of bodily and
spiritual, temporal and eternal gifts. Let Thy grace rest upon us anew
every morning, and renew Thy good will to all who in this new year seek
their refuge with Thee and wait upon Thy goodness. Grant unto us still
further Thy precious Word, which is a joy and comfort to our hearts.
Enlighten our teachers and preachers, and grant unto their holy work the
blessing of heaven; strengthen our faithful rulers and prosper all their
good undertakings, which are pleasing to Thee. Bless our parents, and
prosper Thou the work of their hands. Fill our souls with true fear of
God, and our hearts with joy in the Holy Ghost. Bestow unto our bodies
health, and grant peace within our borders. Crown this year with Thy
goodness and grant unto us that which is necessary to the support of
life. Protect Thy church from error in the faith and from scandalous
living, our land from war, famine and pestilence, our homes from
consuming flames and all damage and danger, the products of the field
from hail and tempest. Curb the wrath and fury of satan, and send Thy
heavenly hosts that they may guard and protect us in all our ways.
Convert our enemies and check all our persecutors, help the oppressed,
provide for the poor, feed the hungry, give drink unto the thirsty,
clothe the naked, free the innocent captives, comfort the distressed,
gladden the sorrowing, strengthen the weak, care for the sick, be
merciful to the widows and orphans, deliver the oppressed, guide the
traveler and accompany the dying through death unto life.

Lord! teach us to act according to Thy good pleasure, and Thy good Spirit
direct our footsteps, that we may walk before Thee in faith, patience and
hope, in godliness and honesty, in meekness, humility and chastity, and
all Christian virtues. But when we sin, then chastise us gently; when our
sins trouble us, comfort us with Thy grace, and Thy joyful Spirit uphold
us. When satan assails us, do Thou support us, when the world persecutes
us, then protect us; when our flesh and blood would overpower us, then
strengthen our spirit; when we err, set us aright again. When we fall,
lift us up by Thy hand. When we become weak and weary in our calling,
refresh us. When we are in necessity and danger, relieve us. When we are
sick and weak, then be our physician. Should we according to Thy will
during this year depart from hence, grant that our spirits be commended
into Thy hands. O Lord! hear; Lord! be merciful; Lord! take heed and
grant it for Jesus' sake. Amen.


Corinne said...

So beautiful ~ THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Superb. Cross between kaddish and praise. Thank you.