Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prayer For A Son In The Priesthood Or Seminary

Dear blessed mother, you were the mother of the first priest. Now my own son (mention name here) has pledged his life in imitation of Jesus. I will ever be grateful to God for this blessing on our home. It is a joy for me to know that you have been guiding my son through his life so that he would have a generous and pure heart.

I offer my prayers and sacrifices every day that my son will increase in virtue. May he be God's instrument to lead many souls to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and to a love of you, the mother of Jesus. Let my son always be loyal to the teaching Church, obedient to his superiors, and sympathetic to anyone in spiritual need.

Teach my son to be patient in adversity, courageous against temptation, chaste in his dedication, and generous in his love for God and the human race. Make me a worthy parent of a child dedicated to God. Amen.

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