Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Prayer For Parents

Almighty and everlasting God, You have lovingly called us into life by means of our parents who thereby share in Your divine power. Mercifully hear the prayer of love which we offer to You for those with whom You have shared Your fatherly kindness so that they might lavish upon us, as we journey through life, the consoling gift of Your holy and generous love.

Dear Lord, fill our parents with Your choicest blessings and enrich their souls with Your holy grace. Grant that they may faithfully and constantly guard that likeness to Your spiritual union with Your Church, which You first imprinted upon them on their wedding day. Fill them with Your spirit of holy reverence which is the beginning of wisdom, and enable them to impart it always to their children. May they ever walk in the way of Your commandments; and may their children be their joy in this earthly exile and their crown of glory in our heavenly home.

Finally, Lord God, grant that both our father and our mother may reach old age in continuous health of mind and body. May they deserve to sing Your praises forever in our heavenly homeland together with us, their children. May they give You abundant thanks for having bestowed upon them the great privilege of sharing in Your infinite fruitfulness and Your divine fatherhood. Amen.

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