Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Holy Infancy

Adorable Child Jesus, in you wisdom resides, divinity dwells, and all eternal riches are found. You are the beauty of heaven, the delight of the angels, and the salvation of mankind. Here I am prostrated at your feet, O Source of innocence, purity, and holiness. Although I am a slave of sin, I belong to you by the undeniable right of your sovereignty.

I hereby render to you as my Lord, my King and my dignified and most adorable Savior, my faith and my homage with the shepherds, and my act of adoration with the Magi. I give myself entirely and without restriction into your powerful hands, which drew all the universe from nothingness and preserved it in the admirable order that we see.

O lovable Child, grant that as a result of my total devotion to honoring the mystery of your divine Childhood, I may have the happiness, through the mediation of your holy Mother and St. Joseph, your foster father, to live all the rest of my life in the same manner as you. May I live in you, for you, and under the direction of your divine Spirit, so that not one moment of my life deviates from your will, or forestalls it in any respect, but listens to it and faithfully follows it in every way.

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Mary Williams-Browne said...

What a beautiful prayer! Did you know you obtain GREAT graces and blessings for Adoration of the Holy Infancy in the month of January and this prayer is perfect.