Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lord Make Me Your Instrument

Lord, please make me an instrument of your attributes.
Let me share your Divine Power by having great faith in you so that you can manifest your Glory.

Let me share your Divine Wisdom, so that I may know you, so that I may live to do your Divine Will and to serve you with great understanding of my brothers and sisters.

Let me share your Divine Love, so that I can truly love you as you deserve, so that I may be consumed by the passion of worshipping you like the seraphim, so that I become an instrument of your Ardent Charity.

Let me be a true reflection of your attributes in everything that I think, speak and do. Let me see with your eyes, let me speak with your mouth, let me hear always your Divine Word, let me work with your hands, let me walk with your feet so that I may live in your Glorious Presence spreading joyfully your Love everywhere I go physically and spiritually.

Let me share your Divine Spirit until I become one with you.

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