Monday, February 16, 2009

Prayer To Saint Juliana Of Lazarevo

O blessed and righteous Juliana, who wast wondrously called the merciful widow by the all-holy Theotokos! Unto thee, a mother full of pity, do we earnestly have recourse, praying that we also may be granted mercy. For, having endured many crosses in thy life, and been thyself tried by all things, in thy supplications thou art able to help us in our bitter trials; for, beset by many sins and weighed down by great sorrows, we are assailed by cruel enemies. Wherefore, O mother who bore thy crosses, ask for us the spirit of meekness and patience, sincere repentance of our sins, the power to oppose the invisible foe and to defeat them, and firm trust in the will of God amid all misfortunes and perils, that we may take up our cross without murmuring, unto the salvation of our souls, and may proceed with faith for Christ our Savior. Moreover, beseech the all-merciful Lord, O merciful favorite of God, that He cause to dwell in us, as it did in thee, the grace of a heart which hath mercy upon all, which blesseth even one's enemies, which accuseth itself only of sins, as thou didst: for love hath grown exceeding scarce because of our iniquities; and in name only can we show ourselves to be disciples of Christ, while in heart and deed were are as pagans, caring only for ourselves with love of self. O blessed one, intercede also for the Russian land, and for all who are in dispersion, that they may receive peace and prosperity, and all the more a return to thine ancient piety, a quenching of malice and envy, and increase in brotherly love and reconciliation, repentance for our passions, and cleansing and sanctification through grace. That with one mouth and one heart we may all again confess the consubstantial and indivisible Trinity unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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