Friday, November 14, 2008

Visit To The Blessed Sacrament And Prayer Of Saint Cajetan

Look down, O Lord, from Thy sanctuary and from the high habitation of heaven, and behold this sacred Victim, which our great High Priest, Thy Holy Child, the Lord Jesus, immolates unto Thee for the sins of His brethren, and be propitious to the multitude of our iniquities. Behold, the voice of the Blood of Jesus, our Brother, crieth to Thee from the Cross! Graciously hear, O Lord: be appeased, O Lord: heartaken and do not delay for Thine own sake, my God, because Thy Name is invoked, upon this city, and upon Thy people; and do with us according to Thy mercy.


V. That Thou vouchsafe to defend, pacify, keep, preservee and bless this city.
R. We beseech Thee to hear us.

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