Friday, October 24, 2008

Act of Consecration to the Blessed Virgin

O blessed Virgin Mary our Mother, when the Son of God decided to take upon Himself our human life in order that we might share in His Divine Life, He did not wish to come to us without your free cooperation.

He deliberately willed to have need of you.

Look down today from heaven upon little ( infants name). He / she has received from their parents the life of man, and now by the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, he / she has been given a life which is infinitely superior, the very life of God.

We know that just as God is his / her Father and our Father, you are, in regard to his spiritual life, his / her Mother and our Mother.

We confide this child to you. Show yourself his/her Mother.

Watch over his / her education; nourish him with the life of grace; make him progress in his Christian life just as his / her human parents aid him / her to progress in physical as well as spiritual life.

Protect the precious life which has just been received.

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