Sunday, September 16, 2007

Prayer to Saint Patrick (Patron Saint of Ireland #2)

O glorious Saint Patrick,
Apostle of Ireland!
I praise, bless, and glorify God for thy sanctity,
thy zeal, thy charity, thy labours,
and the success of thy labours.

I thank thee, O great Saint Patrick,
for watching over and preserving the faith of the Irish people.

O dearest Saint Patrick!
heed not the unworthiness of thy children;
but continue, in the future as in the past,
to pray for them.

O glorious Apostle, Saint Patrick,
guard and preserve,
to the Day of Judgment,
the purity of the faith and morals of thy people
in every land and in every clime.

O beloved Saint Patrick!
obtain from God that Erin,
our dear country,
may become again what she formerly was,
"The Island of Saints and Scholars."


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